“The 1934 visit to Czechoslovakia”

Held between September – October 2005

At the Temporary exhibition room on first floor, the heritage building, King Prajadhipok Museum.

King Prajadhipok’s visit to Czechoslovakia in 1934 at the invitation of President Tomas G. Masaryk marked a momentous event in the international relation history of both nations. It was the first time a Thai monarch ever set foot on Czech land and the official beginning of the diplomatic relationship between the two leaders. During the visit, the King met with Jan Malypetre, the prime minister, Edvard Benes, the minister of foreign affairs, and Jan Masaryk, the son of the president and the Czechoslovakia ambassador in London. H.M.’s visit to some major companies such as Ringhoffer Enterprises Ceskomoravska Kolben-Danek and Skoda Plzen, a huge car engine manufacturer, and Ludwig Moser & Sons, a glass manufacturer in Karlovy Vary, led to international economic growth. It started a trend of Czech imports to the Thai market with cars and trucks from the Skoda factory and quickly followed by other products. One of the most prominent outcomes was perhaps the sugar plant Skoda built in Lampang in 1937. His visit was a significant contribution to the relationship and trade between the two countries.