“King Prajadhipok’s Palaces”

Held between 30 May to 31 August 2004

At the Temporary exhibition room on first floor, the heritage building, King Prajadhipok Museum.

“King Prajadhipok’s Palaces” refer to all residences and palaces which were “home” to King Prajadihpok from when he was a prince to his final resting place. Sukothai Palace represented his first home and the start of his domestic life. Even after his ascension and subsequent move to Amphorn Sathan Residential Hall in Dusit Palace, he still frequently returned or took his work to stay at Sukhothai Palace. he later had Klai Kangwon Palace built as a gift to Queen Rambhai Barni. After the Siamese Revolution, King Prajadhipok travelled to England for eye surgery and forging diplomatic relations. There, He and the Queen leased Knowle Residence in Cranleigh, Surrey. It was at this place that he penned the letter announcing his abdication on 2 March 1934. The royal couple moved to Glen Pammant and remained there for around two years before moving into Van Court, a much smaller and easier-to-maintain residence. In 1941, after England declared a war on Germany, they moved again to Compton House, where he passed away shortly after.