“Inspiration from King Prajadhipok and his private collection of books”

Held between 14 March – 30 June 2018

At the Temporary exhibition room on first floor, the heritage building, King Prajadhipok Museum.

Being an avid reader allows one to hone analytical skills and work on self-improvement. Hence, books can serve as reflections on their readers. Being a voracious reader, King Prajadhipok Boosted a vast collection of books across diverse genres: history, philosophy, political science, economics, agriculture, foreign affairs, medicine, arts, and literature. Furthermore, his books were in various languages: Thai, English, and French. Some dated back to his time as Prince Pajadhipok as evident from the bookplate, others contained the “Vajiravudh” plate of King Vajiravudh or the seal of King Chulalongkorn, signifying the passing down of books from previous generations. Some records stated that King Prajadhipok often spent his leisure time reading. Perhaps, his diverse library helped shape his visionary view and innovative ideas for many of his royal duties.
The exhibition told the story and displayed unique objects namely selected books from his private collection.

It is available to view online at https://www.kpi-vmuseum.com/vm/rotate/y_24_7_2561/