“Cultural Diversity within One Siam: King Prajadhipok’s Official Visit to the Northern and Payap Precincts”

Held between 31 May to 31 August 2008

Sixth Floor, Rambhai Barni Building, King Prajadhipok Museum

The exhibition presented King Prajadhipok’s determination and grace to visit his subjects even in remote lands as per the royal tradition. In addition, the subjects in each area prepared for his visit according to their unique traditions: from the northern court, the tribes, Chinese merchants, and the westerners. Through the use of documents, still-lifes, and films, the exhibition illustrated the diverse culture, architectural style, clothes, rituals, and performance arts, and the interaction between each culture which made up the Kingdom of Siam. Perhaps by seeing the past with his visit to the Northern Precinct and Payap Precinct and the contrast between then and our time now, we may find an answer on how to unite as one nation.